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In order to truly produce a more diverse psychological science, we must not only diversify our departments, labs, and classrooms, but we must also diversify our research. I believe in enhancing representation of marginalized groups at every stage of the scientific process. Along with a diverse group of collaborators, I have use open science and varied methodologies to published rigorous research on personality, political ideology, and the experience of meaning in life. I also revel in the joy of teaching, and get excited about sharing the fruits of our laborious psychological research with students and the general public.


I have experience conducting research using various methodologies, including correlational, experimental, and peer-report. Analyzing different types of data requires different skills. Thus, I have developed the ability to use AMOS, R and SAS, to conduct structural equation modeling and multilevel modeling. I also have dabbled in Bayesian statistics.

I am strongly committed to open science practices, regularly pre-registering my research, and making my data available publicly online.


I am currently leveraging my research on political attitudes and behaviors and meaning in life in order to understand and reduce polarization, (anti)pluralism, and political violence in the United States. People would not engage in anti-social behavior if these were not serving important functions for individuals. One psychological function these can serve is to promote the experience of meaning in life. Thus, meaning in life is one lever, among many others, we can target to enhance the psychological appeal of pluralistic attitudes and peaceful political engagement.